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    SOONER OR LATER: HOW ABOUT NEW YEAR'S EVE 2011? The V-Roys are getting together for one show on Dec. 31, 2011 in Knoxville at the Bijou Theatre. A compilation CD with previously unreleased tracks will be released on Sept. 27, 2011. Go to the official V-Roys site to check out their online store.

    WIND DOWN: Before their final blowout gig, the V-roys wrote a letter about the breakup to their fans. The last dates were a celebration of all the tremendous live shows and the fans came from all over to be a part of the experience.

    The Tennessee Theatre was the perfect venue for the band's last show on December 31, 1999.

    ARE YOU THROUGH YET? was the last recording to come from the boys and it's ample evidence of the V-roys amazing live shows.

    And then...


    MIC HARRISON'S GOT ONE FOR YA: Look for another great record from Mic on February 13, '07. Pre-order here. Mucho tour dates to follow. So says Mic on this 12/20/06 podcast. For more on whens and wheres, check's Mic's site at micharrison.com and myspace.com/micharrison

    SCOTT MILLER & THE COMMONWEALTH: RECONSTRUCTION will be the title of Scott's upcoming release - a live album recorded in December '06. Look for release info and lots of showdates - with the band and solo. Find more need to know info at thescottmiller.com and on Scott's myspace page.         

    LYNN POINT RECORDS TURNS UP GOLD: Jeff Bills' indie label keeps offering great recordings at stupendous value - FREE. Visit for truly historic Knoxville recordings, an incredible Knoxville band flyer gallery and other free downloads. All at http://www.lynnpoint.com & myspace.com/lynnpointrecords.


    EAR'S TO YA: Hey remember when the V-roys played Cold Beer Hello at the Southgate House? Well now you will. Here's a Real Audio download Good | Better 


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